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Drew Verlee17:11:48

I run "magit-log:-G" from what i think is helm and i get "helm-M-x-execute-command: Wrong type argument: (or eieio-object class), nil, obj [2 times]" any idea why?


Yes, I get the same thing if I just run SPC SPC magit-log:-G What should this function be doing?


Oh, looking at the code it seems to be a transient switch to search the Git log by changes. Although i am not sure what that means, because isnt everything in the log a change? Is this something just for the magit-status buffer when viewing the log?


Hmm, I get the same error when using SPC SPC magit-log:G in the log view of the magit status buffer too..

Drew Verlee18:11:32

I assumed it should show me the log in graph form. I can get that another way, so not a big deal


Ah, that is the -g option, the -G lets you search through the log


So if you go into magit status buffer, SPC g s and then press l for the log menu, you can type -g as the option to show the graph

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Then use the b option to show all branches and it will show the log in a buffer with the commit graph


The -g toggle will stay enabled until its toggled off again.


I like the -g -d and -c options for the log, then show the log with b for all branches or a for all references.


The toggles only seem to stay in place if calling the log from the magit-status buffer. If using magit-log from the source code buffer it seems they need to be toggled each time.


Perhaps the can be used to set these toggles on outside of magit-status, but I dont fully understand this doc.

Drew Verlee19:11:56

thanks john. that works