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Martynas M08:11:35

I think guns.


Does giving advice to new coders, or new programmers giving advice (like me) count as "amateur advice" ? kappa

Martynas M09:11:10

It's also possible that homoiconicity may be considered nudity. And LISP in general as drug use.

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I think the clojure.spec guides talk about playing cards and randomness, so I guess we got gambling covered too

Ben Sless10:11:07

"Naked performance"


I'm going through some stupid health and safety videos for work right now. This gem just came up blinking is also very important because it will snap you out of fixedly starting at your screen and lubricate your eyes, so remember to blink to stop your eyes from drying out. I don't believe anyone needs reminding to blink.

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Well, sometimes people do forget to blink. The problem is that such a note won't help them suddenly remember to blink.


should we scare people into blinking?


This came up in the test!

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The scene from A Clockwork Orange comes to mind. I'm sure you all know which scene. I don't think that would pass H&S nowadays...

Ben Sless12:11:22

knew a guy who took some intense pain medication who did forget to blink while using them

Drew Verlee20:11:04

Has anyone setup a subscription that watched the dependency sources (gith/sha, mvn/version) for updates and then set some kind of pipeline for seeing the change, accepting it and updating the dep version?


hi @drewverlee sorry for resurrecting this thread. My team did build something like this that was based on a GitHub app. The app indexes deps.edn and lein dependencies. It raises pull requests where PR merges count as "yes, this was a good update" and PR closings count as "no thanks, not this version" (we were hoping this data could be useful to library authors).


You'd be welcome to try it but it's github-only.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:11:50

seems like all the parts for that exist. if you wait like 15 minutes, @borkdude will probably release it

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borkdude 8

hold my 🍺 ;)


@drewverlee I think what you would need is some program like antq running periodically. I don't know if it exposes a JVM API for scripting interactive decisions. There's also some light weight code for curling github or clojars/mvn central for the most recent versions here: It also contains the code for updating a deps.edn (based on rewrite-clj / rewrite-edn). Putting together a script with some interaction between those parts, could also work.

Drew Verlee20:11:57

Thanks @alexmiller and @borkdude. That's a great starting point.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:11:12

I was thinking you could actually use github to make prs - aren't there already things that do this for js etc?


that's a great idea


and you can run this automatically on github actions via a scheduler


I think you can just hook up antq to that and let it make a PR


and that will also trigger CI to build / test with that updated dep. optimally a PR should contain just one lib update to see (and accept) the isolated changes


There is, indeed, support for this and a github action already