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Is it possible to resolve a custom EDN tag?


Quick question: I can’t seem to get the little intention lightbulb to pop up anymore when hovering over a macro as I’ve tried disabling most plugins in case of a conflict to no avail :thinking_face: did anything change in this regard?


Don't know how to fix that, but one possible workaround is you can use the Action (Help -> Find Action, CMD-SHIFT-A on a Mac I think) search to find the "Resolve as..." action when you're on the name (if that's what you're trying to do).


Thanks, I think I found the issue. CLJC doesn’t want to show that intention dialog, and even “Resolve as…” doesn’t show up there…


Creating a CLJ file and getting access to it from there did the trick.


Does option+enter work for you?


Ah, I found the issue. It doesn’t seem to work in CLJC files…`cmd+shift+a` -> “Resolve as…” doesn’t return any hits, and option+enter doesn’t have any effect in cljc files…


I had to create a stub CLJ file to get to it.