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@bhauman looks like figwheel-core 0.2.15 is missing from clojars


Jo I'd like to implement some search bar with a list of result items below it. Similar to the issue search in jira. Does somebody know examples in clojurescript for the parts? Irrc David Nolan showed some autocomplete code in 1 talk


man I'm new to webdev and clicking around in this webpage is fucking magic. This is awesome

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Joseph Hurtado18:11:23

Hello Folks, I’ve been off the ClojureScript community for a while, but very happy to see is doing great. A question for you, which online course is pretty good at teaching the ClojureScript Stack? I am very willing to pay a reasonable amount, for up-to-date quality instruction, because I know those are worth it. But if there is great free stuff that is welcome too. Last time I check Eric Normand was my main choice, I really like what he’s done, but is always good to get a second opinion:

Joseph Hurtado18:11:16

I also noticed this from Jacek Shae, I am not familiar with it at all:


I bought the learnreframe one, I thought it was good, but I struggled a little with why he was doing what he was doing. It felt a bit like just watching someone code something. I would have liked more explanation around the why Ive found Eric Normands stuff goes into more around why he's doing what he's doing. I have been pleased with everything I've bought of Erics

Joseph Hurtado20:11:44

Thanks @U013YN3T4DA, I definitely would prefer those explanations as well. I do like Eric’s approach too.

Michael Stokley19:11:45

what kind of uuid does random-uuid return? which version


It's random, so how can it be anything else but 4?

Michael Stokley19:11:11

i did not know that.


Actually, I'm only ~80% correct. > RFC 4122 does allow the MAC address in a version-1 (or 2) UUID to be replaced by a random 48-bit node ID, either because the node does not have a MAC address, or because it is not desirable to expose it. So technically it could be version 1, it seems. But it's not, it's version 4.