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I've released the first version of a new Fulcro template with RAD support. It includes a script for renaming the top-level package to your own, and is much simpler to start with than the fulcro-rad-demo:

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I'm working on improving the documentation and making more videos for RAD.


Just FYI: Fulcro and RAD seem to have a problem with the latest Clojurescript. I know exactly where the problem is, and what code is being generated incorrectly, but I'm still trying to figure out if it is something I've done wrong, or if it is a bug in the latest compiler. I do not recommend upgrading beyond shadow-cljs 2.15.12 or cljs 1.10.866 until this is resolved.


Found a way to make it work. Released Fulcro 3.5.8 that should take care of it.

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Brandon Olivier14:11:47

I’ve been learning fulcro and first off, it’s amazing, but I’m struggling with one element of my usual workflow in something like re-frame, which is heavy use of the REPL. Is there an idiomatic way to get a reasonable stub for values like this so I can eval arbitrary things inside the components?


Not sure it's idiomatic, but the inline def trick can be helpful for that. (def this-particular-thing this).


that one works, there's also a hashmap of component instances in the app itself: see ::indexes

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)16:11:16

If you use(d) I'd interested in hearing how it worked for you 🙏 I use repl a lot but rarely need 'this'. For transact! you can simply use the 'app'. What else do you need it for? There is also something like comp/class->any and similar to get the instance of a component


This is also super-handy: I use it more in clj than cljs, but it works for both. Then of course if you're using shadow-cljs and just need to explore some data in a component, you can use tap>.

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Brandon Olivier22:11:33

@U0522TWDA I’m still trying to grok how everything fits together, so being able to use stuff like comp/get-query in context would be helpful for me.

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)22:11:57

get-query takes class not an instance so you do not need this for that

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)22:11:58

My on Dec 1st could be perhaps useful to you. If you cannot make it, you can try to do it on your own, following the This will teach you a lot about the browser and REPL tooling that we used when making and troubleshooting Fulcro apps.