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Drew Verlee16:07:15

given a deps.edn such as :paths ["src/main"] and a file structure like src/main/... when i create a new file in emacs using space f f (not sure the fn name) src/main/foo.clj i want the text (ns foo) to appear, instead i get (ns It seems the auto generated ns ignores the deps path. Is there a way to resolve this?

Drew Verlee16:07:59

it's not a big deal to just have two starting file paths e.g src/main + src/deploy becomes "src" and "deploy" i don't think eithr is really that hard to understand.

Drew Verlee16:07:08

also anyone know what this moving white box graphic is indicating? its annoying. It's telling me something is happening, but with no pointers as to what.


My guess is its some longish running process. When the repl is running a long evaluation you see |== | in the mode line with the repl buffer highlighted. It could be an indicator for the lsp process, showing when its doing static analysis.

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I stopped using the Spacemacs modeline theme a while ago as I wanted something very basic and undistracting.

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It's is from lsp-mode


You can fix it manually with M-x lsp


But feel free to open an issue on lsp-mode


Auto-insert of the namespace when creating a new file is either from LSP or clj-refactor. If you do not have clj-refactor installed, then I'd suggest asking about this issue on the #lsp channel (they are really responsive to issues)


Yes ☝️ also make sure you have a updated clojure-lsp, we fixed a issue related to that recently