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yeah, I'm not saying the expectation made sense


tbf it's not insane to think that there might be some sort of subscription mechanism in there


Yeah I agree. I wasn’t trying to point out it was an unreasonable expectation but it’s just not the way it works. Each incoming message essentially creates the transport back from where it came

Jim Newton12:07:20

I'm back to clojure after many months away. I can't remember how to do static syntax checking inside cider. I recall there was an emacs package with a funny name. can someone remind me??? I seem to remember turning it off because of too many false errors.

Jim Newton12:07:14

found it. I was looking for clj-kondo


@U010VP3UY9X if you're experiencing too many false errors, let us know at #clj-kondo, we would wanna know how to make it better 🙂 cc @U04V15CAJ


I think Jim’s errors were related to in-ns back then and there is still an issue open for this

Jim Newton10:07:08

Also I make heavy use of macros, and since kondo doesn't evaluate macros, I found it very distracting.


Macro usage can be configured

Jim Newton12:07:29

do I remember correctly though that macro usage cannot be conifigured along with the macro definition? It has been a long time since I looked at this.


@U010VP3UY9X Macro config cannot be configured with the macro, but it can be packaged along with the library, so when others use your library, then the config is automatically picked up


this is an insanely awesome feature of clj-kondo, the ability to extend it to lint macro usages correctly (very precisely!) and then distribute that config along with the library that supplies the macro

👍 2

without that feature it would be distinctly less useful for us