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Does someone have any success installing lsp in spacemacs, is there a tutorial?


it’s trivial


Just uncomment the lsp line in your dotspacemacs-configuration-layers and then reload it.


SPC f e d to open you dotfiles and then SPC f e R to reload after you’ve made your changes and saved


you’ll also need the layer for the language you want to work with, and maybe some cli tools installed


@erwinrooijakkers it is simple to enable LSP in Spacemacs, by adding the LSP layer. This will automatically start an LSP process for all Clojure project you open. Last time I checked, this blocks Emacs until every Clojure project is analysed. As LSP is on or of for all projects, this kills my workflow. Then you will need to do some configuration of LSP UI if you wish to also run CIDER as well. CIDER already provides many features that LSP provides, so you need to decide what to switch off in LSP to avoid those conflicts. If your new to LSP, make sure you actually need it before spending time configuring it.


No need to add clojure-backend in clojure layer?


in dotspacemacs/layers


The Spacemacs maintainers decided that if you have the lsp layer enabled then clojure mode will use LSP by default. I don't understand this decision, but my concerns were ignored. The backend must be set to cider to avoid using LSP with Clojure