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New release announced. Please visit #announcements and cheer it on with emojis and replies. 😃

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And if you find typos and stuff in the announcement article, please let me know. Written in a bit of too much hurry. ❤️


You guys ship features at a breakneck speed. Kudos!

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Aleksander Rendtslev15:02:12

I’m trying to run the deps.edn + shadow.cljs command, but the cljs part keeps failing with the following:

; Creating cljs repl session...
; Connecting cljs repl: deps.edn + shadow-cljs...
;   The Calva Connection Log might have more connection progress information.
; Execution error (ClassNotFoundException) at (
Any clues? (I’m back to trying to make Calva be my daily driver. For some reason, writing clojure is a lot smoother for me in VSCode than Emacs)


Hi there. Can you share your deps.edn ? I think you have to add an alias for shadow. I use it like this:

 { :ui
  {:extra-deps {thheller/shadow-cljs {:mvn/version "2.11.15"}}}

  {:main-opts ["-m" "shadow.cljs.devtools.cli"
               "watch" ":frontend"]}
And select those aliases when prompted by calva


(if you have shadow-clj on your main deps you could omit the ui alias)


You're welcome 😄


Thank you @U014B62SC3V!

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Aleksander Rendtslev17:02:29

@pez this works perfectly with Fulcro. It allows for evaluating both client and server side with output in the same repl window. So we could update the Calva documentation accordingly

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So awesome! We should have a page on about that as well.


I agree. @U01DH13SK8E A doc addition to explain usage with Fulcro would be great!


Maybe an update to this section: And then a new page like "Using Calva with Fuclro" might be good, to go under the "Using Calva with X" section.


Hopefully it is a general solution for deps.edn + shadow-cljs


Hm, I’m getting this error message when I try this approach with my fullstack Clojure / ClojureScript plugin with shadow-cljs and re-frame:

shadow-cljs - HTTP server available at 
shadow-cljs - server version: 2.11.18 running at 
shadow-cljs - nREPL server started on port 8777
shadow-cljs - watching build :app
[:app] Configuring build.
[:app] Compiling ...
[2021-02-15 17:26:16.000 - WARNING] :shadow.cljs.devtools.server.util/handle-ex - {:msg {:type :start-autobuild}}
NoClassDefFoundError com/google/common/collect/Streams


The REPL is available, but building my cljs project failed. Any ideas on this? :thinking_face: Thanks 🙂


Can you share your configs? (I think it might be wise to continue this in a new thread. This one might go down Slack’s memory hole at any time now.


@U1PCFQUR3 Have you found the problem? I’m trying to setup clojurescript in clojure project and I get similar ClassNotFoundException com/google/common/collect/Streams


Jep, manually add the Guava library to your project.


@pez given that I installed that .vsix file you linked to, in order to test the hide REPL UI setting, will that Calva install auto-update to new releases as they become available?


(I just fired up VS Code on my Windows/WSL2 laptop and I see it has already sync'd the Calva extension and settings from my Mac desktop -- which always pleases me about VS Code 🙂 )


Hmm, looks like 2.0.158 is what is installed on my laptop so the answer is "yes" -- and my Mac install just needed a reload to pick up that version too. Slick.


@seancorfield VS Code is pretty awesome with the updates and settings sync. 😃 We version our test VSIX builds such they should play together with the auto-update when we make releases. NB: You will probably need to set your options for hiding the REPL UI again, because I renamed it.


Thanks. Done. cmd-, and type hide. VS Code makes finding this stuff so easy!


We should hint a bit about this at People coming from other editors often bring expectations that makes it easy to miss how easy some things are in vscode. 😀


I have to be honest, I continue to be pleasantly surprised by VS Code, almost on a daily basis... The WSL2 integration on Windows is phenomenal and having the same key bindings and behavior automatically sync'd back and forth between my Mac desktop and my Windows laptop is so much more seamless than what I was used to with Atom (for the previous four or five years!).


And with us being all-in with Atlassian products at work, I love the Jira/BitBucket integration -- and some of my colleagues are getting jealous that I pretty much never have to visit I can do all the ticket/pull request stuff inside VS Code 🙂

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Hey @pez @brandon.ringe, did you guys do a release recently? I think the slurping/barfing key commands aren't working. Just fyi 👼 . I get more comfortable with Calva by the day, and I like it!


These have been changed recently, check the keybindings in vs code simple_smile


There was an info popup about it when the new version first ran - or should have been at least. It only appears once, informing that some keybindings changed.


Just a bit of retraining the fingers/brain. The previous slurp/barf shortcuts overrode what some people expect to be navigation shortcuts. Also, ctrl+w now closes tabs as many might expect, instead of expanding the selection (now that's shift+alt+rightArrow


Awesome, thanks

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Changing the bindings back to what you are used to is what I would recommend, @andyfry01.


Short update on lsp/kondo memory spike (long thread in lsp): we can introduce some conf in Calva - and folks with low memory can toggle it, such that lsp runs with less memory but takes longer to init a project (just first run until caches are build, it's fast after). This can placate the folks that see freezes and such.


I think the setting would exist in the lsp conf, but yeah, if we can verify that that works, it may be a good option, at least temporarily.