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Every time I paste something into my buffer, the entire file is auto-indented. Does anyone know how to turn that off? I have `aggressive-indent-mode` , clean-aindent-mode, and electric-mode all turned off.

Alexis Vincent18:02:28

try lsp-enable-indentation

Alexis Vincent18:02:42

and lsp-enable-on-type-formatting

Alexis Vincent18:02:47

set both to nil

Alexis Vincent18:02:56

That fixed things for me


omg thank you so much! I lost about 2.5 hours to figuring that out. Disabling lsp-enable-indentation did it for me!

Yehonathan Sharvit16:02:38

Any idea why every two days my Emacs (with spacemacs) GUI app takes 100% CPU of my Macbook Pro and become not responsive? When it happens, I have no other choice that Force quitting Emacs 😞