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Every time I paste something into my buffer, the entire file is auto-indented. Does anyone know how to turn that off? I have `aggressive-indent-mode` , clean-aindent-mode, and electric-mode all turned off.

Alexis Vincent18:02:28

try lsp-enable-indentation

Alexis Vincent18:02:42

and lsp-enable-on-type-formatting

Alexis Vincent18:02:47

set both to nil

Alexis Vincent18:02:56

That fixed things for me


omg thank you so much! I lost about 2.5 hours to figuring that out. Disabling lsp-enable-indentation did it for me!

Yehonathan Sharvit16:02:38

Any idea why every two days my Emacs (with spacemacs) GUI app takes 100% CPU of my Macbook Pro and become not responsive? When it happens, I have no other choice that Force quitting Emacs 😞

Yehonathan Sharvit16:02:11

Thanks God, my REPL runs from the terminal and not from Emacs


Same here. Which installation are you using ?


Both on imac and mac book pro.


Both on bigsure


Emacs-mac formulae of brew


Under bigsure this one was not stable at all for me, and it had some blinking issues also

Yehonathan Sharvit20:02:08

Is there a better distribution for Macos?


For myself the more stable was the brew version of emacs-mac


But still buggy

Yehonathan Sharvit21:02:53

How could it be that there is not stable emacs distribution on Mac ? @U05254DQM what do you think?


I used EmacsForMacOSX for version 26.x on what ever was the Mac OS between 2014-17. I haven't had a Mac since then.


If some process is running away, it's most likely a package or some compiled Emacs lisp, .elc file. Suggest deleting the .emacs.d directory and starting Emacs, then Spacemacs will download fresh versions of the packages. Also ensure that your .spacemacs file ((or .spacemacs.d/init.el) file is up to date with the template. SPC f e D will run a diff of your config against the template.

Gleb Posobin03:02:33

You can send a SIGUSR2 to emacs, it might stop what it's doing and print out a trace, but not guaranteed though if it is stuck in some C-code.


@U0L91U7A8, maybe I wasn't clear. I experience the same issues as you. A few weeks ago I had a blinking issues with the emacsformacosx version, and @U05254DQM found other people with the same issue. So I moved to the brew version. The first I tried recommended by spacemacs for macos lead me also to the same issue, emacs not responsive at all, until I kill the process. I didn't spend time to try to find out where it come from. The bug seems random to me. My spacemacs.d directory is a fork with small changes from the practicalli's one, quite standard. All that details to tell, there may be other solutions, maybe the other emacs brew version.

Yehonathan Sharvit07:02:50

Thank you for the clarification

Yehonathan Sharvit07:02:00

I found a workaround for the case where the irresponsiness is caused by CIDER Repl buffer. Run emacsclient to open a new emacs frame. Kill the REPL buffer


hmm, good, I'll check that next time


just to check I understand well, your repl has been launched externally, in a terminal, and you kill only the cider session in emacs, through the buffer?