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Cris B22:02:45

An aside: can I briefly commend @seancorfield on the quality of the next-jdbc docs. 90% of the time when first trying a library I find I have to search for blog posts etc to get started. It was totally refreshing to find the next-jdbc docs self-sufficient (certainly for my learning/exploratory use so far). Immediately finding a very well-written narrative overview with clear examples was a relief. And every library should have an 'All The Options' page! Great stuff.

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Thanks @cb.lists! That means a lot to me because earlier in my career, when I wrote docs for a system, my then employer hired a technical writer just to completely rewrite everything I had produced! 🙂


I'm hoping that the docs I am currently writing for HoneySQL v2 will be equally useful 🙏:skin-tone-2: