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I am using spacemacs and I have selected Update Packages and have a list of 21 modules to be updated; I receive this: IT perorms the backup then


--> preparing update of package .......then gets stuck


@dev.4openid is should show a message at the bottom saying restart with SPC q r It sounds like it's not getting that far. Maybe there is a faulty package on Melpa. I suggest restarting anyway. You could also check any recent changes made to the .spacemacs file, or SPC f e R to see if any errors are returned. I have not seen this issue before.


More updates to the Practicalli Spacemacs book • Staging and unstaging, expanding and navigating sections and fine grain selection of changes • Using Magit Forge to pull lists of issues and pull request, fork an existing repo on GitHub and create a pull request from Emacs (no need to visit GitHub and push that green button - Magit forge does require a little setup and although there is a wizard it seems a little unreliable, so I documented how to set up Magit forge manually - hopefully a lot clearer than I found the various pages I followed to create this page


Any recommendation for binding the sp-copy-sexp in Spacemacs? I have been using this via SPC SPC sp-copy-sexp for ages. For some reason I can’t find this default mapping in Spacemacs.


I haven’t seen that (and I’m on my phone so can’t check it out)—is it different than ya) and y% in evil mode?


Wow I really should just use ya). Thanks so much for pointing this out! I came from traditional Emacs and totally forgot about this Vim command. Thanks @U056QFNM5


I use % to jump between open and close parentheses all the time and for got that y% is something I need for getting the same effect as the above.


Fantastic! Glad that was helpful. Cheers.