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@agilecreativity SPC k y is the standard Spacemacs key binding for sp-copy-sexp , well actually evil-lisp-state-sp-copy-sexp that wraps the former in Evil. There are also numerous ways to do the same in Evil normal state too.

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If you are using Holy mode (Emacs keybindings) then Smartparents defines C-M-w , although I didnt get this to work so you may have to add your own keybindings


I've updated the Magit Forge section of Practicalli Spacemacs to include a configuration to control how many open and closed issues and pull requests are displayed. By default it shows a both open and closed items. Specifying 0 for the closed items hides closed issues permanently. Specifying a negative number for closed topics allows toggling the view to include them using SPC SPC forge-toggle-closed-visibility (a PR for a keybinding for this seems to be in my future).

(setq  forge-topic-list-limit '(100 . -10))
I also added details on creating and editing issues from Spacemacs, its nice and fast. I've also updated the practicalli/spacemacs.d repository with the topic list limit configuration -

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I'll update tomorrow when I'm at the computer but I traced my two factor issues back to ghub and they were saying GitHub was going to shake things up so the authors were kind of stuck in limbo.

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I would just be worried other forge stuff might get effected.


GitHub has changed things quite a few times and there is the graphql api available now. Hopefully GitHub keep the existing api and use a different name for what ever new thing they create, but only time will tell


I am really enjoying using Forge though and finding it more useful than I though, especially once I figured out how to create and update issues


With SPC f R is there a way to get spacemacs to accept the new filename as written? If the new filename is a subsequence of the original file name RET just confirms the original name.


For anyone following along, what I wanted here was either C-M-j (for ivy-immediate-done, or to set ivy-use-selectable-prompt to t and then move the selection up to the prompt itself.


Just press up to highlight the row that starts with a question mark

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