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Hey guys, Could anyone point me in the direction of a nice reagent, front end only tutorial? Ive done some clojure development so I'm familar with the language, yet I don;t know REACT or cljs very well (meaning the tutorial does not have to include explanation of clojure syntax, functions, stm etc.) I have build a reitit api but I want to add a reagent front end to it as a separate project. Thx! PS: I'm sorry, this question gets asked many times I gues.


This 1 seems nice, yet is a general explanation of reagent:

David Pham04:05:42

The docs from reframe are great as well.


Reagent readme points to few others also (Learn Reagent and Lambda Island).

Lone Ranger19:05:53

I would strongly recommend investing in I'll also point out that right now and for not much longer Eric is letting people buy all access passes but soon you'll have to buy his courses individually

Lone Ranger19:05:31

specifically his understanding re-frame course

Lone Ranger19:05:17

I would also argue that re-frame is an excellent approach for developing front end code. At some point you will no longer need it, and you will know when you reach that point