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Hi. I finished what I was working on. Phase one, anyway.


A few months ago we created a tool that lets people input Japanese by clicking on boxes. Nouns, verbs, particles (grammar words in Japanese that mark grammatical role of a term). It's a useful teaching and learning tool. Students can create a native-Japanese composition with a tool that respects the basic grammar rules. I thought it might be possible to generate an English translation in real-time of the Japanese a student was generating. Turns out, it is! Turns out, Instaparse is super powerful and I was able to use some grammar and EBNF insights from January to work it into a real-time translation tool. Here's a brief gif, you can see it in Action.


And here are some still shots to help show what's happening: A generated Japanese phrase is parsed, smushed, and sequenced into Plain 'Ainglish. This composition was made by a student! =)

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Thanks a lot for Instaparse! 😄 You can do magical things indistinguishable from magic.