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what is the spacemacs shortcut for showing the buffer list - currently I use Ctrl x b, such that I dont have to use Ctrl


cool thanks guys


How to peak at what the cpu usage of processes spacemacs has started: 1. SPC a p : will show just emacs processes (no mem or cpu usage) 2. SPC a P : will show everything like bash top command. I'll have to check this when something starts going wrong to be sure it working like i imagine.


@drewverlee as SPC a p will show you the PIDs of the processes running, then of course those PIDs can be looked up in top or SPC a P , but not exactly joined up. The list-processes seems to be focused on listing and killing processes, which would benefit of having at least cpu and memory usage. The little I found suggests using the Emacs profiler.


gotcha thanks. I'll look into it more as if it keeps being a pain point 🙂.


The profiler looks very detailed, SPC SPC profiler-start and choose cpu or memory profiliing (or both). Then SPC SPC profiler-report at any time to see the usage by Emacs commands. It does not seem like its showing external processes though, but will show the commands that call them. Another thing to add to my todo list 🙂