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any experiences with migrating or mirroring data from one datomic cloud instance to another? is there some straightforward technique to copy/replay all transactions to a new instance, how would they be queried from the source db?

Joe Lane13:05:48

@e (d/tx-range conn {:start nil :end nil :limit -1}) will get you started.

Joe Lane13:05:01

It's not a trivial transformation though.


We are considering bumping the Clojure requirement for the Peer API. Please let us know your thoughts!


Is it okay to publish a public docker image with the datomic-access script in it?


Any plans on adding native support to Datomic for the java.time classes? Or just java.time.Instant? Right now I’m storing everything (local dates, points in time, etc) as java.util.Date and converting to java.time.Instant to perform operations. Being able to read things out as java.time.Instant would mean a lot less conversion back and forth.