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In spacemacs, how do I run cljs tests? I am using chestnut template. When I do SPC m t n from a cljs file (which has corresponding test file), I see error : user-error: Clojure-only operation requested in a ClojureScript buffer


so do you have a Cljs repl?


Anything special I have to do to get both a clj repl and a cljs repl running at same time? Currently, I do this: 1. Start a clj repl : SPC m ' 2. Run a server on repl. Everything is fine at this moment. I can eval, refactor. 3. Run a clj repl: SPC m ' 4. (use 'figwheel-sidecar.repl-api) 5. (start-figwheel!) 6. (cljs-repl) Now, if I move to a .clj file, I see that cider is not connected. How to get two clj and cljs repls running side by side? Any links are welcome. Thanks.

Mario C.18:08:48

I have a dumb question. Lets say I have two windows open (3 if you include NeoTree) and I want to swap window positions, AKA have window 2 be where window 1 is and window 1 where window 2 is. Is there a command for this?


@mario.cordova.862 yeah, for me, it's eg SPC w H -- all the evil-window-move- fns in that menu. It's not phrased in terms of a swap, but it works that way.

Mario C.20:08:32

@eggsyntax The shifts focus but doesn't move the window

Mario C.20:08:56

There is only evil-window-move-far-left & evil-window-move-far-right


Are you sure you're using capital H? That should move the window.


& yeah, those are the fn names, plus top/bottom ones.


Doesn't fully replace a generalized swap if you use more than a few windows in one frame, but I typically max out at 4.

Mario C.20:08:16

I just did spc w K because I had horizontally split windows and it did this weird thing where it opened up a new window with NeoTree


Huh. Odd. If you ever get a weird thing like that, you can always undo it with winner-undo (one of my favorite features. Of course there should be a separate undo stack for UI changes!)

Mario C.20:08:40

Okay so I went back to this config NeoTree | File A | File B

Mario C.20:08:54

That represents my view if that makes sense

Mario C.20:08:08

To swap windows from B -> A


I think so? That's three windows, in that order?


But NeoTree window handling is its own thing AFAIK. I wouldn't expect it to respond normally to swapping windows around. It tries to keep itself as a special window, window 0.

Mario C.20:08:02

Ahh I see. So maybe thats why funky things happen when I do those commands