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Continuing from the #boot channel... I'm trying to apply the CLJ-1406 patch @alexmiller but ant/mvn both fail because src/resources/clojure/ has version=${version} -- what step am I missing to get that changed to a valid version number?


nm, it just didn't like the version number I put in pom.xml to create a local patched build!


Now I remember why I had problems trying to build/test Clojure last time I submitted a patch

[java] FAIL in (gen-interface-source-file) (genclass.clj:151)
     [java] expected: (= "examples.clj" (str sourceFile))
     [java]   actual: (not (= "examples.clj" ""))
on Mac OS.


Are you getting that failure with latest master version of Clojure without any modifications? If so, which version of Mac OS and JDK?


With latest Clojure master, OS X 10.12.6, Oracle JDK 1.8.0_181, Maven 3.5.0, "mvn clean install" gives me no build or test failures.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:08:00

I also don’t know what yer talking ’bout


I don't see a ticket complaining about how the slurp docstring directs you to the io/reader docstring to find out about extra args but the io/reader docstring doesn't mention them


shall I make one?


that is one possible reading of the slurp docstring


the other is "see io/reader's docs for what types the argument f can have" which the io/reader docstring does mention


that's true; in which case you could revert to "the slurp docstring doesn't even mention its additional arguments"


it's like one of those math proofs that tells you A or B is true but doesn't tell you which one


Sorry, got distracted by a bunch of other stuff.. @andy.fingerhut That's on 10.12.6, with Oracle JDK 1.8.0_144, mvn 3.2.2 which no mods on Clojure master.


I mentioned that it failed before (when I was working on the patch for the ASM changes) and I thought someone (maybe @ghadi?) had some insight as to why it failed...