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Hey everyone I'm finally ready to share what I have been working on. I call it Shadow JAM a JAMstack build tool built with Rum and Shadow CLJS. At the moment it's a very rough prototype. Would love it if others with more clojure experience could chime in and help me make it better. Preferably getting some more polish before it lands on something like Reddit as I think it would bring a lot of interest to how much better the experience can be building Progressive Web Apps in Clojure/Script than the alternatives.

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@grounded_sage looks cool! PWA's for the win. One thing you might add in the readme is what/how exactly shadow-jam helps.


@bbss thanks. Yes that is a good point. I’m not really sure how to say that though. As people in Clojure know why Clojure is great and there isn’t a JAMstack tool in Clojure yet. Then people outside of Clojure who have played with Gatsby know how good JAMstack is. I guess the biggest wins are stability and simplicity over existing tools. Eg the Image component is a macro and not a plug-in which uses GraphQL as Gatsby does.