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@potetm @tbaldridge I just fixed another lein certificates bug, which prevented REPLs being run through leiningen when that entry was present - it’ll be in the next build.


There may be more circumstances I’ll have to fix, the lein integration is always pretty much whack-a-mole


Does anyone know, if I have disabled stub generation for a namespace, how I go about reenabling it? My Googling is failing me...


@carr0t File-&gt;Project Structure-&gt;Modules-&gt;[your module]-&gt;Clojure to enable it, then refresh your lein projects to get the prompt.


Bah, exception on generating. It's going to be a dependency conflict somewhere, I just need to find it


thanks @cfleming that fixed the problem!


I’m trying to add a resolution in com.rpl.specter for macros (which is a dep). Doesn’t seem to want to allow me to do it. The sym resolution in the prefs doesn’t have a ‘+’ button either. Any way I can get these resolving?


menu appears, but when I select resolve… it doesn’t present the normal menu


workaround found: Clone specter, set the resolution via that project, and it fixes it for all


Say I have namespace parent that depends on child1 and child1 depends on child2. If I load parent in the REPL, Cursive will load child2, child1, and parent. If I change child2 and load parent in the REPL, only child2 and parent will be loaded, not child1. Should child1 also be loaded because a namespace it depends on changed?


@tony.kay Do you mean that you’d like to resolve as… something which you don’t currently have added to your project? Yes, that’s annoying, I think that everything which you could potentially resolve as should be in that list, whether it’s attached to the project or not.


@kenny I don’t think so, since vars are dynamically looked up at invocation time. The only time that would become a problem would be if you have dynamic linking enabled, which you generally don’t during development.