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Dustin Getz14:08:27

@mtbkapp Jason it looks like you spent quite a bit of time on the tutorial, what do you think is the most important thing we fix next?

Dustin Getz14:08:02

(I am writing you here rather than PM so the logbot can capture it and i can read it again later, Slack history is a huge problem for me right now)


@dustingetz Yeah, so far so good on the tutorial. One thing I did was convert the animated gifs to video files so I could pause and go back easily. I had some trouble with adding a drop down for tshirt sizes like the gender drop down and got into a state where the schema pages, the source page, and the view page were all borked but I can't find the place where I wrote down details on how I got into and out of that state.

Dustin Getz18:08:48

@mtbkapp ok cool, You can just screenshot issues into this chat and @ me, I would probably immediately know the answer (and go and fix the bug). What sucked? I'm probably gonna spend all of august on user experience

Dustin Getz18:08:31

Ill fix the videos too, thanks


hi @dustingetz, I too would like beta access despite tutorial not being ready. Or do I already have it?

Dustin Getz19:08:54

Pls @ me with any questions at all, i am usually here all day every day


first reactions: 1. wow, this is really cool! 2. those GIFs are far too fast to watch

Dustin Getz19:08:54

on :tutorial ?

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Dustin Getz19:08:27

It appears that HTML5 video can let you adjust playback rate on the fly - i will convert them to html5 video this weekend