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I have flycheck enabled in my spacemacs and in js, whenever eslint detects an error somewhere, it highlights that bit in red. but to actually see the error message, I need to rollover onto it


and I was wondering if it’s possible to show the message at the bottom instead somehow?


Yes, try SPC e l @bravilogy. It's not everything I'd want in terms of UX, but at least it lets me keep my hand off the mouse.

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thank you


the tooltip isnt working properly and i had to disable it. ive got 2 screens and my primary screen was my macbook's one. and I had spacemacs open full screen on a 27" external monitor. and the tooltip was showing up on my default screen haha. so basically to view an error tooltip I had to look at other screen and find oddly placed tooltip somewhere in the middle of the screen


I know exactly the behavior you're describing—I have the same setup and the same behavior. simple_smile