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@chokheli why is it of major importance for a developer to be from Moscow?


@akond Well, overall from Russia.


My friend’s uncle wants to migrate his business site from Wordpress to Wix, and I wonder how much should I charge him to be fair


it’s certainly hard to be fair. Fair rate for clojure programmer is quite high. Fair rate for someone who has experience with wordpress for wordpress job, I think, is lower. Wix is, afair, drag-n-drop UI constructor. I, for example, would have charged quite high rate compared to others, but would have worked slower, because I don’t have experience neither in wordpress or wix, and the product would be just bad.


Thank you for response! I don’t usually make web-sites, just in a rare circumstances for myself/my family business (can’t really stand wasting my time on it). But my friend asked me to help his uncle out, so I gave him my price ($1200) and he backed off))) finally, I wished him a good luck. The End 😂


have you got any idea that neither wordpress or wix has anything to do with clojure?


@akond Well, wasn’t Wordpress written in Clojure 20 years ago?


certainly not


it is written in PHP