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@cvic any highlights, tl;dr?


79.5% (81.4% last year) of respondents who consider moving from Perl have more than 5 years of experience, 7.9% (8.9% last year) between 3 to 5 years of experience, 8.5% (5.4% last year) between 1 to 3 years and 3.9% (same as last year last year) less than one year of experience.

26.9% of respondents who consider moving from Perl earn less than $50k, 32.6% earn between $50k to $80k, 22.4% are in the $80k to $120k bracket and 17.8% earn more than $120k 
Do you contribute to open source? 59.5% have responded with 'No'. Do you attend Perl conferences? 61.2% have responded with 'No'.


Interesting numbers.


Also, > What Perl framework do you use? None 20.9% Moose 20.3% Mojolicious 18.7% Catalyst 14% Dancer 10.6%


@burke have you heard about xAPI for e-learning?


@U050PJ2EU yes. I consider using "Learning Locker" as a LRS for my Application.


Nice! Shameless plug: the company I work for, Yet Analytics, is a direct competitor to Learning Locker. We also provide an LRS and all sorts of support around xAPI and e-learning ecosystems.


But we're a full Clojure/Script shop


Our main LRS implementation is on Datomic


Oh cool, I heard about it - I think it was on some conference talk I saw on youtube. Happy to see, that I'm not the only Clojurist in Educational Software 🙂 Our Application is developed by a small team in our University and not focused on profit so choosing a "pay per user / per year" LRS was not an option 🙈


Yeah, awesome to hear you're in the space too! WRT your questions above, about whether "your own idea really has a right to exist," what I find interesting about xAPI is that, theoretically, it may be complementary/orthogonal to whatever you're building. Also, it encourages building powerful, composable pieces, which can be upgraded independently, rather than one kitchen sink LMS that can do all things right, for everyone, forever.


I agree with you completely on this. The problem is, that the LMS (ilias) we are using is the definition of kitchen sink. LTI was never supported and xAPI also doesnt seem to be available in the near future. So I want to establish a first LRS only for our app and hope that some day ilias will have xAPI support..


I actually help our clients bolt xAPI capabilities on to legacy systems like that. There's a few ways we do that. One is in a Google Analytics-like way, where as long as you can reference our js artifact from a CDN somewhere in your HTML file, and a sort of property-config, then our logic will then go "instrument" the various parts of the legacy interface that we would want to produce xAPI events, which then get transmitted to an LRS. Another way, without using a property-config, if the LMS has a content editing with direct html/inline-js capability, is to allow 'learning-engineers' to "decorate" html elements directly with xAPI related classes, which makes your legacy system xAPI capable.


(coming soon)


For selfmade SCORM and HTML learning Units, this makes sense. But only a few use this way to create units. Most of the time, the own authoring system of the LMS is used to create units/quizzes etc. The "google analytics way" could work by developing a plugin for this LMS, but this is totally against the spirit of that system. It seems that Ilias is intended as a "all-inclusive"-LMS so before they would integrate a connection to other LRS, they will implement their own LRS - and lets hope that it will be xAPI compliant.. I'm not able to change the system in use. The decision makers are happy, as long as no one asks how we want to keep up with topics such as "Learning Analytics" in the future 😉


For Yet xAPI LRS is there also a self-hosting option?


There's some news on that coming soon. If you want to play with our LRS, there's always a free trial account you can use.


The problem is, that we are located in germany. So besides having Europes data protection and privacy laws, we have the fundamental grasp that data should never leave germany and never should be stored on servers from american companies. Since our App is used with real data from teachers/students, I'm not allowed to connect it to an external Service. If there are news coming in that direction, I'm really looking forward to it. 👍


Perl is one of those things that sits just outside my radius, like Bali Hai calling to me through the fog….


I’ve found the States of the Onion interesting reads.


Used it a few years ago for log parsing and some web stuff, but I would't repeat that experience.


I want to do postgresql replication and have a specific usecase. I have a master database that is always online and a developer database that I want to be synchronized as soon as the developer database starts up and then is kept in sync as long as it is online. Can someone suggest a working solution?


I will note that I recommend you use async replication for this.


Thanks for the note


I consider perl a shell script with regex... since it still comes with most systems nowadays


Yeah what @akiroz said... someone asked me recently, what should I use if I don’t want to faff with installing Python env or using bash (because arrays) and be able to run it in a basic image, and my answer was Perl.


It also used to be the best script option for string and text processing before Python got popular.


Isn't at least some version of Python2 and/or Python3 in pretty minimal Linux/OSX installs these days?


Install yes. Custom barebone Docker image, no. (In short: internal tooling)