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Hi! I would like to know who to contact so I can be removed from the clojurian archive


Do you mean the messages that you sent, but not anyone else's messages? It must be physically possible, but that doesn't mean that anyone has already written code that makes this take a minute or three. If no one has yet, it might be a horribly time-consuming task.


@andy.fingerhut I do indeed mean my own messages I sent. It’s not that big of a deal, but if I knew my messages could be scrapped by google, I wouldn’t have signed up in the first place.


In future, I would recommend assuming that anything you say on the Internet that isn’t in some kind of encrypted one-on-one or small trusted group session is searchable by Google and the public at large

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Not everything is open by default. Communities form a more private place that Google won’t spend time reaching as a search engine provider. No matter how open they are.


Please don’t assume the threat model and don’t mingle two very different threat models together


Just some advice You are free to assume it is bad advice, of course.


@alicemonade Messages from channels here are archived in multiple places. If you delete a message here — while it is still accessible in the free tier’s 10,000 message cap — then it is deleted from one of those places (but once you can no longer delete a message here, you can’t easily get it deleted from that place).


The biggest complaint from members here has been that discussions here weren’t archived and weren’t searchable, just FYI.


I understand the workaround


Thanks for your response. It was messages years ago so I guess it will be too much hassle for what it’s worth. I’ll make peace with the idea it will be archived forever.


If it was a long time ago, it’s entirely possible it was before some of the channels were archived — it will depend on when @logbot and/or @zulip-mirror-bot were added to those channels…


I just checked Zulip, and the only messages from you that are archived in Zulip are today’s messages in this channel. So it may be that the ClojureVerse archive is the only place your messages are now?


Indeed, with a quick search the only results come from the ClojureVerse archive. I didn’t know about Zulip actually!