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(Is there?) What's the recommended way to avoid passing props down to "native" components. Eg (defnc typography-attr [{:keys [datascript-db eid attr] :as props}] (let [[text _ db-sync _] (change-watch datascript-db eid attr)] ($ Typography {style (when db-sync #js{:animationName "change-notifier"}) & props} text))) ($ typography-attr {:variant "h6"})


Which gives errors such as "Warning: Invalid attribute name: table/dId"


I found this discussion - but I was wondering if I'm missing something easier that helix already recommends? even a convention such as putting all the data behind a single keyword eg :app/data or something?


this looks like something that interests me but being a cljs beginner, don't quite understand everything. So I apologize if I misunderstand, but isn't this about selecting the appropriate keys from the state (be it props or context) for the appropriate component?


yes correct. that discussion is a figuring out a macro to avoid having to do the dissoc props :problem :keys that lilactown suggests


i have not yet come up with a better idea than statically storing queries on the components themselves


@felix do you have many datascript-dbs ? that table/dld comes from it ?


just one. each "view" has a datascript instance which manages state. the table/dId is a refence to the datomic server side eid. the problem here is that React complains about any prop that has a slash in the name, so I have to remember to dissoc all props that I have passed down the component structure before rending the native components (at least in the cases where they need spread props, eg the typography example I had above).


IMO being explicit about what props you’re passing to your Typography is better than forwarding all props


so that's what I thought


But in some cases you can also dissoc the few props you know are causing issues:

($ Typography
   {:style ,,,
    & (dissoc props :datascript-db :eid :attr)}


as long as these are not nested


thanks @lilactown - makes sense