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“plugins, config, keybindings”. Add one piece at a time


you just like to make fun of me? Or what's your point? because it's not very funny for me, would like to get in on the joke, so to say...


I gave you advice, I’m sorry you can’t wrap your head around it


so you genuinely believe that you are doing something that benefits me?


And I "can't wrap my head around it"? I should understand that it is entirely my fault if your "advice" to my request for help, is not sufficiently helpful?


I understand that in the bro-culture of internet forums there is a certain level of expected verbal abuse. I understand that you need to make me feel inferior, I have to see after all that only the cool kids who already did what's necessary , are allowed in the club. I totally get it, that without this, people wouldn't appreciate the precious knowledge you so abundantly spread around. But that still doesn't explain why you think there is no chance that you misunderstand what my needs are.


I’m not trying to bully you, but I am genuinely surprised you can’t figure out how to break down a task into manageable chunks.


@ashnur I have seen many examples of 'advice' where people are just basically saying "I did it with x", which is really no help at all. Sometimes it can point you in the right direction, sometimes its just frustrating that information that could help is now shared I am surprised to think some people think that kind of sharing is actually helpful. In general I don't think its just people intend to brag but there is a well known pleasure in providing an 'answer' to a question. I think its mostly people don't have the time and motivation to actually share the details of what they have done, so have very low expectations of help. I am always greatful for the few people who do invest time to really help share details of their experiences. I do appreciate that sharing detailed information requires work, so unless someone is actually sharing something tangible I tend to just ignore them. I am very concerned in the recent comments you have received. When someone says they are not trying to do x, they typically are but usually don't realise it as they do not have empathy for the situation. It also leave a bad impression of everyone associated with the channel or community by association.


I remember that it was actually your website and streams that prompted me to publicly wish for similar videos, but with a vim setup. I know it's difficult to share the experience, especially in a way that makes it clear what is the setup and what keys are used. As you say, lots of work and cannot really be appreciated enough, maybe just by other people who do the same. Thank you : )


I have only managed a very basic Neovim and Clojure (Conjure) setup myself, but hope to do more in future. I haven't had the time or understanding to do much with NeoVim, which is a shame as it's such a nice tool. I might give SpaceVim another go in the mean time and see what the Clojure layer is like now.


It's publicly know I like spacemacs, but neither of the vim land incarnations of the same setup ended up appealing to me. I am not sure why. If you try it out, I might try it too, again. That said, what I am after currently is specifically things that people stored in their muscle memory, and might not even think about it while doing it. : )


Interesting reading of what I said. That’s not what I meant