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Space Guy20:10:30

The 'threads' view for me is empty ('Tend to your threads') but is always bold in the sidebar, has "1 new reply" and shows up with "more unreads ^" arrow when I scroll past it


Which platform are you on @spacemods?

Space Guy20:10:10

Windows, in-browser Firefox

Space Guy20:10:21

I think I was mentioned by name but that thread is out of free messages range


Maybe you can click the @ mentions icon top right to view the message? (and hopefully clear the alert)


I've never seen that happen in the browser. I have seen it happen in the Windows desktop client (ghost "unread" messages that just won't go away)

Space Guy20:10:29

Hmm, it shows yours just now but not the past one


Try SHIFT+ESC and you'll mark everything as read 😉

Space Guy22:10:16

It marks everything else as read, but not that one - good to know, though! I've put in a slack support ticket, I'll see what they say