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Hannu Hartikainen15:10:07

I might have an idea for automatic diffs for performance test output. I guess you could save the output in circleci cache with a key that includes commit hash. Then get master results from cache (or compile and run if it's missing) and report differences using whatever circleci has available.


yeah, that would work. or use some artifact API

Marc O'Morain15:10:07

We have no more warnings in clj-kondo in the CircleCI monolith 🎉

Marc O'Morain15:10:11

we have a lot of :info left 😂


@marc-omorain Hannu and I were discussing this feature: It would be cool if we could use CircleCI to generate this diff (branch vs master) and show it in a PR

Marc O'Morain15:10:34

:private-call {:level :info}
:unused-binding {:level :info}
:not-empty? {:level :info}


that's fine I guess


you can use clj-kondo how you want, that's why it's configurable 🙂

Marc O'Morain15:10:03

The private-calls are complicated. We use for stubbing, and stubbing private vars produces the private call warning.

Marc O'Morain15:10:32

We are hoping to filter that warning to be :error in src/ and ignored in test/


you could lint src and test with different configs