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ah, didn't occur to me yesterday, should be invited by default :)


That's not how Slack works @viesti 🙂


(but, yeah, that would be convenient)


was already thinking if the community could pay for history


kinda looses a piece of slack functionality this, but irc does not keep history either without a similar bot


Slack's monthly fee would be astronomical.


(fwiw, we've had this discussion repeatedly over the years -- and the irony that Slack's 10k message limit "hides" these repeated discussions is not lost on those of us who've "fought this battle" many times!)


I must admit, it would be a great feature for Slack to auto-invite certain users into any new channel... but I can pretty much only think of it being used for adding logbots to new channels, which of course runs completely counter to Slack's commercial program 🙂


not the only community figuring this out I bet


It used to be that 5,000 was pretty much a hard limit, then it was 8,000. Now? I'm not sure. We're at 9,000+...


yep, they might increase in the future. I did know about the history issue, but was hilarious to find out history of #powderkeg reaches to 16th, only a week back from now, while looking for a message that I posted just over a week ago 🙂


image one being on a holiday, could sorely miss out chat history 🙂


Slack sends weekly statistics to the admin team. We typically see 15,000-20,000 messages a week here, so seeing even a week of message history is a luxury 🙂


can the community consider Zulip?


Or even Gitter (it will be opensourced soon)


#community-development is the place for that discussion — and, yes, nearly all of these things have been discussed and tried, and there are many aspects of running a large community that just don’t work on most of those alternatives. That channel has a link to a community document listed stuff that’s been tried and why it wouldn’t work or why folks don’t like it.


(and there is a Clojure community set up on Gitter, but very few people have wanted to switch from Slack)

seancorfield17:03:02 has just 34 people, but there are a few projects (cider/emacs, Onyx) that have active Gitter communities.