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The one-time startup cost of a Clojure plugin (via is a pain. To be fair, I chose Clojure over ClojureScript for neovim-client mainly because I am more familiar with the libraries I'd need to do MessagePack-RPC, Socket IO, and other odds and ends, in Clojure/Java. It got me to a working prototype more quickly. I'd love to port it to ClojureScript. I agree, for many (most?) plugins, a slow to start, heavyweight Java process probably isn't a good fit. For a plugin that's integrating with a Clojure REPL, evaluating code, doing IDE-like tasks I'm not sure it's really a deal breaker. I've used clojure-socketrepl.nvim exclusively in my day job for about 50/50 Clojure & ClojureScript development for about 2 months now, and I really don't feel startup cost at all. Also, after using neovim-clojure to build clojure-socketrepl.nvim, I can confirm that using Clojure to write a non-trivial plugin was an awesome experience. Using the plugin to develop itself live was neat.


morning! Do you know a plugin that can indent Clojure code "tabbing" into columns (instead of basic formatting of Lisp code)?


@reborg do you mean parinfer?


I mean this style of formatting that sometimes is useful:

(blah-1                []
 blah-2                {})


ah! that looks right, cheers @dominicm will try out!