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what is great advantage to learn ClojureScript + React Native to develop mobile application ?


I would say re-frame


a couple of years ago I was using C# for Windows phone development. and I really liked mvvmcross and I have been looking ever since for something like that for mobile app development. And I have found it in re-frame. I think the advantages of mvvmcross also apply for re-frame / reagent / clojurescript Copy paste from here: Portability – you should use Portable Class Libraries for as much of your code as you possibly can - viewmodel, model, service and even view. Friends don’t let friends copy and paste. # is for twitter, not for code. Interface Driven Development – you should use Dependency Injection, Inversion of Control and Plugins to get your applications richly and robustly to market on all of your target platforms. Code for Test – you should use interfaces; you should develop small, cohesive, loosely coupled components; and you should add unit tests to allow your code to be used, reshaped and reused again and again. Mvvm – you should use architectural patterns - especially Model-View-ViewModel with Data-Binding - in order to provide a structure within your app, and in order to deliver both a delightful application and a sustainable, flexible ongoing development process. Native UIs – users love Native, and you should give them Native UIs that delight, that provide rich functionality and that are styled to fit naturally in the context of your users’ devices. Your opinions matter – you should be able to override any part of MvvmCross, including its opinions. The app is King – more than anything else, what matters is that you ship. Delivering is everything. The app is King.


oh well :)


@viveke immutability => simplicity => good design => freedom and flexibility


Each thing enables (but does not guarantee) the next step


That's for ClojureScript


i've just realized


how stupid i was