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yes... very sad what happened yesterday.


@thomas indeed. Although no act like this is something you would wish upon anyone I was glad the reaction to it was proportional and very responsive.


thomas it was one of those odd London things where I've seen more on telly and had more people telling me to not be afraid than any fear or trouble myself


and somehow I am not surprised by that...


it is such a big place... you must have been many miles away from it.


from work? about 2. From home - about 4


for 40 mins from work. 1hr from home


My last project I would have been about 200 yards from it 😞


just spoke to someone who was 5 mins walk away, he said he went straight home when he heard to avoid getting caught in any sort of lockdown


currently at GDS so a fair way away, but lots of chat on slack etc. due to colleagues in Westminster


I think I'm about 3-4 miles away and I had 5 ppl contact me in the space of 30 mins to make sure I was OK


When the bus/tube bombing happened, several years ago, I had a friend who worked at the Children’s Hospital they used as the triage center for the bus bombing. She walked one old lady home at the end of her shift, who’d be injured by flying glass. The old gal was very upbeat, said “Oh, it was nothing compared to what Mr. Hitler did to us in the war!”. The British Spirit in full effect.


@seancorfield we had an IRA mortar attack on Downing Street in 1991 and a gas storage tank and oil terminal attack in NE England in '93 as well as the Warrington bombings that year. It's not that long ago. An older couple interviewed on BBC last night said "We're just getting on with it. We grew up during the war" referencing WWII as well.


I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 60’s… 😐


Americans have a very different reaction to this sort of thing. They do not have a “Keep calm and carry on” mentality like us Brits 🙂


Keep Calm, drink more tea


Morning all


I've never had a terror attack in a country I lived in. Had a few crazy mass shootings, but that's it.


I hate to say it but you “get used to it”. When they closed one part of Belfast due to a bombing, you just went shopping in a different part of Belfast. When the IRA blew up the railway line near my house, I took a bus to work instead. You kinda have to just carry on and not let them change your way of life (as much as possible).


(admittedly, when the police told my dad he was on the IRA’s “list”, we sold everything in N.I. and moved back to England — so that kinda changed things)


Being escorted to school via Armed guard was an interesting experience when I lived in NI (I grew up with my Father in the Army)