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i was wondering if there's any chance of getting clojurescript compile to webassembly


At least for now webassembly is faster than jit in very few cases


in many is also slower


I don't suspect that compiling clj/cljs to wasm will ever be useful


yeah I don't see the point either. maybe as a new dialect at some point but thats gonna have even more limitations than CLJS already has.

William Mizuta14:08:18

Is it possible to install dependencies from S3 like it is possible using without using any other building tool (eg. leiningen)


yes, that should just work. just specify :maven {:repositories ...} in shadow-cljs.edn


Good morning! I have a an app which renders web pages from the server. I have some Clojurescript code running in the browser on startup — that is working. My question is, if I write Clojurescript code to be invoked from a web page, how do I set up the functions, so they can be referenced from inside the HTML?


@hadilsabbagh18 This is what ^:export is for


If you have namespace with a function (defn ^:export foo []) then you can refer to it from the HTML like


Hello, does anyone know if you can configure shadow-cljs to refresh npm dependencies when they change for local npm modules (not js files within my app)? My app depends on a JS component lib that I wan't to develop alongside my shadow-cljs app but shadow doesn't see changes without restarting the server