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Hey People! I had a small question. Right now when I jack-in, calva uses the 0.8.3 version of nrepl. Is there any way I can make it to use a different version?


Yes, you can specify the version in settings. See May I ask why you need a different version?


Awesome! Let me give it a try! Thanks for the quick response as always @U0ETXRFEW!


@U0ETXRFEW I had to change nrepl version to 0.7.0 as it wasn't able to find one of the classes in my project. The class was this - com.mchange.v2.c3p0.cfg.C3P0Config. I found a similar issue here and thought of downgrading nrepl to 0.7.0. To my surprise, it worked!


Interesting. I hope it keeps working!

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Hi! Is there anyway to make calva format the protocol implementations of defrecord with 2 indent? currently moves things to the start of the bindings:

(invoke* [this {:keys [ch op] :as args}]
         (if ...))


Thanks for the answer, I am trying with this configuration, but doesn’t seem to do the trick

{:indents {defrecord [[:block 2]
                      [:inner 1]]}}
Any tip on the config for this? Or why by default it does this behaviour? is it the default format for protocol impl?


Looking at the code, the block2 inner1 seems to be the default, so I think it shouldn’t format it below the bindings?


Interesting, if I put the cursor on the (defrecord , then it formats it correctly. But If I format on the (if) inside the implementation of the protocol, it will move it below the bindings