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Michaël Salihi09:08:32

A quick message to inform that clojureverse is down again.

oxalorg (Mitesh)10:08:24

Thanks it's back online!


Thanks for the poke @UFBL6R4P3, we're starting to rebuild the machine from scratch, until then we're stuck doing some manual workarounds that don't properly persist, so it's liable to go down again

Michaël Salihi12:08:19

You're welcome. OK I understand, from experience this is not an easy task. Good luck!


FYI: From Slack: > We recently became aware that one or more authentication tokens for your Slack workspace,, have been posted publicly on the Internet. This can happen when a developer or other member of your organization posts their private token on a public forum or website (usually a code-sharing website like GitHub). > To help keep your workspace secure, we're taking the precautionary step of permanently disabling the affected tokens on your behalf. This may cause some disruption for you or your workspace, such as a bot being disabled or an integration no longer working - and for that, we're sorry. And it links to which is the logbot app I believe?


I don't know if the bot app is still using that token -- I guess if it is, the bot will have stopped working at this point.


TL;DR: We have a plan for fixing this. Yes, we accidentally pushed a commit containing the token and now the logbot is not doing its work. As long as we manage to renew the token semi-soon we will be able to backfill and have a complete log, if I understand correctly. It gets a bit extra exciting by the fact that Slack only lets the original creator of the bot integration renew the token, but that should be solvable.

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