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Hello people! I had a small question, don't know whether this is the correct channel to ask though. So kindly excuse me. I have a deps.edn file in my project root whose directory I am exposing via the env var CLJ_CONFIG. Now I am referring to a dependency in the root (`my/lib {:mvn/version "1.0.1"}`) inside another sub-project inside the root dir like this: my/lib {:mvn/version "_"} Now I have to exclude a certain lib from it. But if I do my/lib {:mvn/version "_" :exclusions [my/lib-2]}, it does not work. But it does work if I exclude it in the root deps.edn file. Now the problem with this is that I can't afford to do this in the root deps.edn as it's affecting a lot of other projects. So is it possible to somehow do it only for the sub-project I am interested in without making change to the root deps.edn file?