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I’m just curious, I was doing some refactoring and “create-architect2” throws a HStore extension not installed. I did some initial digging and it appears to be json related which means ‘[:lift …]’ is throwing it off. My first ‘create-architect’ function works fine, but I’d like to know what’s so different in the background here?


@decim were you passing the lifted value into the working version?


@seancorfield yup, same exact way, I literally just copied the function call over and changed the name and wrapped it in (query! …)


I'm not at my computer so I can't try anything but I don't see anything obvious on my phone


@seancorfield hmm, ok. It’s a bit odd. The initial function works but clearly something is thrown off. I’ll continue to toy with it a little later tonight.


@decim I ran both of these and they produce identical results -- in terms of what is handed off to next.jdbc so I don't think this is a HoneySQL issue (nor a bug in your code). Something else must be at play here.