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@ketan.srivastav shadow-cljs has no notion of manifest versions, you just put whatever into the manifest. no clue how that works nowdays.


I’m trying to require node-xlsx but somehow I’m not having luck with this:

import xlsx from 'node-xlsx';
translated to this (
["node-xlsx" :default xlsx]
With this approach xlsx is nil. With other approaches it returns an empty object but nothing that contains the build method mentioned in


Still getting (.-build xlsx) => nil


maybe try (js/require "node-xlsx"), there seem to some newer ESM only node packages that only work with import. those are not yet supported.


but there is a // Or var xlsx = require('node-xlsx').default; example so should be fine?


I tried plain js/require but got an empty ja map there too. I’ll give this another try tomorrow


I just went thru something similar with It had two “libraries” under node-modules@daily-co/daily-js/dist/ I first tried out doing the explicit file import as part of the require:

  ["@daily-co/daily-js/dist/daily-iframe-esm.js" :default DailyIframe])
to see which one worked and then moved it into shadow-cljs:
           {:resolve {"@daily-co/daily-js" {:target :npm
                                            :require "@daily-co/daily-js/dist/daily-iframe-esm.js"}}}
as per


I’d be curious why the world is like this but at least got it to work!


That being said, now that I did a quick try with xlsx, you are having a different problem. xlsx is being set from (:require ["node-xlsx" :as xlsx]) so the basic import is working


Actually for me it works fine:

(:require ["node-xlsx" :as xlsx])
(js/console.log "XLSX: " (.-build xlsx))
Produces the following in the console:
XLSX:  λ[]
       jsƒ (worksheets,options)
Using :default instead of :as works the same for me.


So “works on my computer!” 🙂


So for me it actually turned out the problem existed between the chair and the keyboard. I thought I installed a different library than what I had actually installed, thus the require didn’t work. Interestingly it didn’t hard-fail either