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Jared Kristensen05:05:54

Looking for Clojure engineers of all levels (mid-senior). B2B marketing platform in the music industry. Send mea message if you interested. Considering all locations globally

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Limor Schacham13:05:33

hello Clojurians, at xapix we are looking for an experienced Clojurian to join our team in Berlin Tech stack:  • Clojure, Ruby on Rails, Vue.js • AWS + Pulumi + Github Actions • Kafka More details here: You can ping me or apply directly via the add I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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Hello, Is this on site only or is it open to full remote (France) ? Thanks


Hey Clojurians 👋:skin-tone-3: Looking for a Full Stack Clojure FREELANCER for a long term REMOTE project. Stack is: Clojure + ClojureScript codebase, AWS lambda, SQS, postgres, ElasticSearch for services, Jenkins + ansible for devops pipelines, Exciting company, super cool team. 🚀 Get in touch/DM if interested 😁 :flag-eu:  MUST BE EU LOCATED :flag-eu:

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