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You all get to do everything before I do (me not being there, and all) but on this occasion being slow isn’t so bad. I’m still up on a Sunday evening with a glass of red wine (a cheap Australian Shiraz)

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Oliver George02:05:23

Sounds perfect

Jimmy Grice05:05:21

Afternoon team, how are doing? For those in Melbourne I am feeling for you! Quick one, is anyone here looking for a new permanent role in Sydney? I am recruiting a couple of Senior Clojure Engineers for a start-up called Audience Republic 🙂


Hi Jimmy, apparently I was short listed for a Clojure Engineer role in AR (after having the take-home test evaluated). Do you mind if I ask for that to be followed up? Thanks

Jimmy Grice08:05:57

Hi mate, when was this? Did you speak to them directly?


Hi, last email I got from the recruiter (2xmtechnology) was April 26 > They just came back to me saying the test was good and you have been added to their shortlist. >   > They wont be hiring yet and will get back in touch once they start again.