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Nicolas Estrada13:05:01

Hi everyone, and thank you again @borkdude for such a great tool... I'm writing clojure again (in an elixir shop now)..

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Nicolas Estrada13:05:43

Anyhow how can I check to see if could be supported by babashka.. Many people don't like it since it stores all state in a global atom like integrant, but for scripting it's just fine and it does all of the property/env/cli merging magic in a very explicit way

Nicolas Estrada13:05:42

It has some unfortunate dependencies on aws libs I'm afraid which would require a PR I think

Nicolas Estrada13:05:52

since using s3 is completely optional IMHO


@nicolas.estrada938 How I would test this is:

$ cat /tmp/omni.clj
(require '[babashka.deps :as deps])
(deps/add-deps '{:deps {com.grammarly/omniconf {:mvn/version "0.4.3"}}})
(require '[omniconf.core :as cfg])
This gives me:
$ bb /tmp/omni.clj
----- Error --------------------------------------------------------------------
Type:     clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo
Message:  Unable to resolve classname: StackTraceElement
Phase:    analysis

Nicolas Estrada13:05:44

I'm opening an issue 😉 Or maybe I'll just fork it


they could make this function optional for bb possibly using a reader conditional, #?(:bb ... :clj ...)


@nicolas.estrada938 There is a temporary hack possible:

(ns omniconf.core)
(defrecord StackTraceElement [])

(require '[omniconf.core :as cfg] :reload)


This loads to another issue:

Unsupported binding key: :forms
Not sure why this is. Perhaps a bug in babashka...

Nicolas Estrada13:05:33

I'm actually suprised you were able to port so many libraries without the core ExceptionInfo class and the underlying java.lang classes


ExceptionInfo is available:

$ bb -e 'clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo'


A lot of Java classes are available. Just not all, it's by choice


Not sure what the issue is with :forms, this seems to work in bb:

(defn foo
  {:forms '([& ks value] [ks-vec value])}
  [& args])

Nicolas Estrada13:05:39

Of course, I understand, I'm just surprised that you were able to manage Throwables without importing all of the gunk that goes along with it 😅 No sweat


Feel free to post an issue about it. So far we didn't include StackTraceElement but if the size doesn't grow too big it might make sense for compatibility.

Nicolas Estrada13:05:07

I more curious how other compatible libraries are able to work, before opening an issue I'll look into other libs like cprop and docopt

Nicolas Estrada13:05:15

But thanks! 🙏


cprop and docopt should both work


I see the issue with :forms is:

(defn populate-from-env
  "Fill configuration from environment variables. This function must be called
  only after `define`. If `quit-on-error` is true, immediately quit when program
   (@logging-fn "WARNING: quit-on-error arity is deprecated.")
    (let [env (System/getenv)
          kvs (for [[env-name spec] (flatten-and-transpose-scheme :env @config-scheme)
                    :let [value (clj/get env env-name)]
                    :when value]
                [(:name spec) (parse spec value)])]
      (@logging-fn (format "Populating Omniconf from env: %s value(s)" (count kvs)))
      (doseq [[k v] kvs] (set k v)))))
  {:forms '([])})
This lib using a trailing metadata map which is not recognized by bb at the moment


if I get rid of all of those and get rid of StackTraceElement, then the code does work


so forking might make sense if you're really keen on this specific lib


it was recently made compatible with bb

Nicolas Estrada13:05:17

Ok I'll look into it 😉


I'll make issues for the omniconfig things


or perhaps this syntax should just die:

(defn foo
  ([_ _])
  {:x true})
clj-kondo also doesn't recognize it


Rather one should just write

(defn foo
  {:x true}
  ([_ _]))

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