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nivekuil01:05:58 mentions :infer-externs defaults to true, but I think it should say :auto now instead?

Ketan Srivastav19:05:09

Hello all. I am wondering if shadow-cljs supports chrome extension development using Manifest 3? I am halfway through my development and now having to migrate to version 3 from 2. In manifest 3, instead of a background script, you need to have a service worker. currently, i am rewriting manifest.json with a version of the JSON i wrote, which overwrites the automatically generate options with hardcoded ones( where i change the background file to a background service, etc.), after each compilation. The arrangement works in the sense that the extension loads and functions properly but i have lost the ability to connect to the browser REPL for repl driven development. I know shadow-cljs supports connecting to an active service worker, so even if it doesn't yet support manifest 3 it should definitely be possible and i would be willing to make the change. In that case, can anyone give me a few pointers as to which part of the shado-cljs code i should be looking to modify?