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Hey guys. I’m working on a custom indexer for Crux based somewhat loosely off of the code seen in crux-lucene. I’m still getting familiar with the vocabulary and architecture used in Crux, so please forgive me if I ask a silly question. I believe I may have encountered an issue where the query planner doesn’t make use of logic variables returned from a predicate constraint to more efficiently join. Mapping this back into the crux-lucene, it’d be something like the following (note: I haven’t tested this issue in crux-lucene but I believe that it would have the same behavior):

{:find [?a-name ?b-age]
 :limit 5
 :where [[_ :person/name ?a-name]
         [(text-search :person/name ?a-name) [[?b]]
         [?b :person/age ?b-age]]}
In a node with ~800K records this query times out. I believe it’s because it is first using the triple store to determine all records records for ?b , instead of taking into account the :limit and then joining later… but I’m not too sure.


actually yeah, :limit always happens last afaik


what are you trying to take the first 5 of? probably have to have an attribute that supports range queries in there first


The example is, perhaps, a bit contrived. But basically I could imagine displaying a page of records to a user, traversing via a predicate w/ a custom index, and then wanting a nested property off of joined record


I think the custom index clause would have to be a subquery then?

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That’s an interesting thought, I’ll look into that!


It’d be cool if the query planner could potentially be informed by the number of results anticipated from a predicate so that it could use that when planning the join order…


Eg. lucene queries that have a finite limit specified, etc.


yeah I could really use that too. I wonder if the new hll attribute counter path is generic enough to extend to our own counters


It does indeed use the two tripples and then attempt to join after it looks like


I also wonder if predicates could potentially have the opportunity to modify join order…


I figured I’d come here before logging an issue on GH to make sure I could describe it in a useful way