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Adrian Aleixandre16:05:37

I have finally gotten my head wrapped around the core Fulcro concepts and decided to look into what RAD has to offer and damn! I have worked on months-long projects what would have been knocked out in a few weeks with RAD. Incredible work ❤️ The main thing that I appreciate so much is that you get tons of functionality out-of-the-box without sacrificing customization when you need it. It feels a lot more like working on an extremely well-architected app than using a framework.

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It's possible to change the dynamic router id? Basically, I want to have the same router showing different components

Jakub Holý22:05:23

Could you please explain? It already can show different components, ie different targets, depending on which target you route to? What is your use case / what & why you need?


Sure, I have an PersonDetailsRouter, with that router I'm already showing the person 1 details perfectly. Now, I want to have a split view showing the details of the user 2, side-by-side. Routes: 1) ["person" 1] 2) ["person" 2] But I can't do that, cause the Routers Id's are the same, changing the router of one, will change both.

Jakub Holý11:05:03

Could you explain the split view use case little more? Do you want to be able to show any number of users side by side? Or always just two? If it is the former that something like a floating root is more suitable, when the app structure is so dynamic. If it is just two then you could have a parent component SplitView that simply displays one person in each side, and use routing params (used extensively in RAD reports) to tell it what persons to show.


It's a highly dynamic page, so I can have N numbers of the same component (router) showing different users. Take the nubank workspaces for example, were you can have N cards with different components. As I can see, the workspaces use the concept of floating root right? If yes, I will take a look in their code to get a gasp of how it's works, cause I'm not familiarized with the concept right now.

Jakub Holý08:06:54

Yep, in this case a router is not a good fit and a floating root component is the way to go, I think.


hey @U0522TWDA, thanks a lot. I found out the multi-root examples on the main repo and I think that is the right way to go

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