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EsakkiSundar Varatharajan07:05:25

I wanted to learn ClaraRules and use with Java. There are not enough tutorials out there in youtube or udemy. Could you please let me where to get started and become familiar with this? Please share your experience how did you get started.


Note that the actual process of writing rules etc. is the same as in Clojure, since they will be in Clojure source files. The Java wrapper basically makes invoking Clojure from Java easier - you could also do this yourself in any domain-specific way that makes sense. That said, IMO the subset of Clojure you need to understand to write basic rules is relatively small.

EsakkiSundar Varatharajan17:06:43

Thanks wparker. I have few questions and hope you can clarify my doubts. 1) Do I need to get solid understanding on Clojure to write Clara rules? 2) What is your recommendation for people who are not familiar with Clojure. Is there a way to generate Clara rules from a excel based sheet or provide the Excel sheet as input to Clara. As an example, in Drools it has support to define the rules defined in an excel and pass to the engine. 3) Also could you please explain more on "you could also do this yourself in any domain-specific way that makes sense"


1) I think you’d need to know some basic clj to write rules typically. Not necessarily too advanced though. 2) no spreadsheet features built in 3) making your own DSL would likely require more clj - but see for the concept