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printing in node shows up in stdout of wherever you're running the node process


@thheller I noticed when using the web UI, when I stop a build it stops the whole server, I was expecting that the server shoud be only shutdown if I pause all builds (or maybe not even then, enabling to restart those quicker)


I think it's something to do that I'm starting shadow with shadow-cljs watch app, then if I start other build, and then stop app, the server stops entirely


yeah, i think you could do shadow-cljs server to avoid it stopping?


yeah, that probably works, but still weird behavior, so I hope this can be considered a bug and fixed


because most of time I like to start watching some build, and change as I see fit


what should I do when I get something like this?

The required namespace "cljsjs.markdown" is not available, it was required by "hoplon/ui.cljs".
Put it in my apps shadow dependencies?


it didn't help


@wilkerlucio feel free to open an issue to discuss this but yeah this is kind of intended right now since if you stop the build using the UI and restart it the running shadow-cljs watch app will no longer receive output since the build it was watching ended


I do however have plans for customizing the shadow-cljs server command


is the markdown shim in the shadow-cljsjs library? How do I find out what shims are currently there?


so that you can write a function that starts everything you want