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@avichalp Seems that the node binary is not on your PATH.


> Cannot run program “node”: error=2, No such file or directory


That’s the only important thing in this stacktrace.


Thanks @bozhidar. Figured out the problem. Earlier I was using emacs from shell and now I started using it via the emacs App on OSX. It turns out with the emacs app get different env variables from when you launch emacs from shell (it gets shells env variables) Fixed the PATH and exec-path and it works fine again. cider


@norman Did you manage to figure out your problem as well?


Thanks, I will check it out.


When I jack in cljs or create a sibling cljs all goes well, figwheel starts, browser connects. The buffer modeline shows (cljs pending). But as soon as the cljs.user> promt shows the modeline switches to (clj) not (cljs). The repl works but cljs buffers modeline reads (ClojureScript cider[not connected] and trying to eval code responds "No cljs REPLs in current session". How do I tell the REPL it is a cljs repl?


I realised, I was still using cemerick/piggieback. Sorry for the noise!


And thanks to your work on cider!!


@magra No worries! You’re welcome!


I guess we really to implement some warning when cemerick/piggieback is detected. That should help in situations like this one.


jep, since lein ancient and update packages will miss this one 😉


When doing cider-jack-in in a deps.edn project, is there a way to specify aliases? I need to add some extra dev-only paths and libraries when in CIDER.


  (cider-clojure-cli-global-options . "-A:fig")))
i've been using this in dir-locals @orestis


Works like a charm, thanks. I tried to look for clojure-cli in cider’s source but github search wasn’t helping.


Related question, when I jack-in to deps.edn project, I feel very quickly that things start to become slow. The emacs process is taking 160mb and 11%cpu for very little things. Would it be more wise to start the project from the shell and just connect, any tricks like making the startup time longer for a performance gain?


Ok, one big piece missing, I'm starting many subprocesses from clojure, that may be the main cause actually...


@hlolli CIDER doesn’t really care how the server was started - it just needs a server to connect to. There should be no difference performance-wise between any of the different tools you can use to spin the server via cider-jack-in.


@bozhidar true, it's just that I was surprised that emacs started to become slow. But I believe the source is the java process, I try increasing memory and heap size in jvm-opts. So it's off-topic for cider. Cider rocks as always.




@bozhidar > I guess we really to implement some warning when cemerick/piggieback is detected. That should help in situations like this one. Good idea. I was also bitten by this earlier.


i'm overriding back to tools.nrepl for one project that's older