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Hello! I created a project using lein-figwheel +reagent It works great using lein figwheel, and also from within CIDER. Now, I simply would like to add server-side functionality s.t. that I can add a simple handler that returns edn data when called from the front-end code. My question is: what do I need to set up to make that possible? Specifically, how do I access and configure the server already running at the figwheel port (3449)? Thanks..


@kingcode look up modern-cljs in github. I hope it has the answer you are looking for. The other places are project templates in clojurescript website. or Luminus project template


@kingcode look at the :ring-handler configuration option


you will create a ring handler and pass it to the figwheel :ring-handler option


Thank you @manas.marthi and @bhauman! I will try :ring-handler option, as I really don’t need anything else than access to a server-side function.